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Residential Rewiring & Electrical Surveying in Kings Park, NY

At Kings Park Electrical Inc in Kings Park, New York, we specialize in complete residential rewiring and renovations for homes and apartment units. To find out if your home or apartment complex needs new wiring, let us provide you with an electrical survey of your property.

Electrical Surveys & Rewiring Services

While older homes may be a cherished treasure of old-world craftsmanship, what you don't see could lead to serious problems or even injury. Let us provide an affordable and comprehensive electrical survey to determine your best choices for basic repairs and upgrades or a complete renovation.

With the many added electrical devices found in the average home today, it is likely that your fuse box or circuit breaker panel may need upgrading. We provide upgrades and a variety of other electrical services to get your home where it needs to be.

Don't Bet against the House

When you are buying a home built before 1970, you should request a qualified and licensed electrician to inspect its electrical system to make sure it's up to code. Although you may be allowed to "grandfather in" earlier code requirements, you are literally betting against the house. Surveys are recommended every 5–10 years, based on the home's age.
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